Elvis– His Influence On the Beatles

I find it extremely curious how an entire exhibition can be built around what promoters of it call an “iconic” meeting between Elvis and the Beatles.  If you believe the books written by the people around Elvis at the time, Elvis did not like the Beatles, they threatened his popularity with the fans and he was completely bored with them when they visited him in August of 1965.  At least at first.  Then Elvis decided to start jamming a bit and that always got him more interested in the people around him.  But an entire exhibit about this meeting? Really?  It is my understanding from what I’ve read this whole meeting meant a whole more to everyone else and meant very little to Elvis.

Exhibition To Open Showing The Influence Elvis Had On The Beatles

1965_elvis_meets_the_beatlesAn exhibition showcasing the relationship between Elvis Presley and The Beatles will open in Liverpool, U.K. this September.

The multimedia/interactive “Elvis and Us” exhibit will include rare Presley and Beatles artifacts from each legend’s archives, including the white Fender bass guitar played by both Presley and the group during their August 1965 meeting at Presley’s Bel Air home (which has never before been exhibited). Videos, music and photographs will also be on display. Read

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